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Welcome to the Stock market tutorial, here we will describe the menus and different features the game has and we will explain how to start earning some credits! There are two things you can do to make credits, build up your companies or earn through buying and selling shares. Here's the index:

Quick Stock Market Guide
Early Game Tactics

Building a company
Hiring staff for your company
Hiring board members for your company

Attack and defending a company

Voting for a company
Buying and selling shares

Chat features!

Creating a business park

Members of Congress
Congress Laws

Winning the game

Quick guide:

To be successful in this game, you have to get companies that creates a lot of business park points, this is done by having a massive daily income from your companies. Start up with a personal loan of 1 million credits, then create a fairly cheap company, put credits in the company capital, so you can get a loan in the company. Now buy up as many staff as you can, and train them so your company has enough experience to level up fast. Upgrade the company as soon it has enough experience.

The faster your companies level up, the faster you can get more income. Train your staff every day, higher intelligence means more income! Do NOT train staff after 17:00 server time, the staff will not generate the daily income. Now it's time to get more credits, by buying shares. Select a company with a fairly cheap share value, like $30, make sure you can buy all available shares in the company. Now you will have a 4 hour periode where you can't sell the shares, if you do, it will deduct $1 credit from the share value. In this 4 hour periode, you can buy up more shares, notice if others are buying in or selling shares. The more shares you buy, the higher the value will be. When the 4 hour periode is done, sell all your shares, and you should hopefully have gained some credits.

This will get you started with some good companies and getting some credits, remember bank loans is a very efficient way of gaining credits in the beginning, and should used! Levelling up companies helps you borrow more credits!

Early Game Tactics:

Here are some tips on how to get a good start to this game:

1) Buy your 1st company.
2) Take out a personal loan of 1 million.
3) Put that 1 million into your 1st company.
4) Then take out a company loan to the maximum. (at level 1, maximum loan is 2 million)

You now have lots of credits to build up your first company, and have money left over for investing in shares.

5) Buy one of each staff starting with the higher salary staff (manages etc.)
6) Train each staff with the default $10.000 credits.
7) If your company does not have enough experience to level up, then either buy more higher ranking staff (manager etc.) or wait the 7 hour and retain until you can level up.

You can train staff for maximum 1 million credits, it's is cheaper to train staff to gain company experience than to buy new staff.

Buying a second company on the 1st day can be tricky, for the reason that in a month time, you will have more than one company that need salary payouts.

When you purchase your 2nd company:

1) Buy company and take out as much money from the first company and deposit it into your new company.
2) Take out a company loan on the new company.
3) Repeat 5, 6 and 7 from above.

You can have 3 companies, to get the 4th company you need to level each company to at least level 5.

Building a company:

We will take a look to build up a fleet of companies that will earn you millions a day! Building companies gives a good baseline for income and losses you might have through selling shares. In the menu "company" you will find the link "create new company", here you will be able to choose from different company types, you could start a game shop or a lawyer firm.

The difference in these types are prices, shares and what kind of staff you can hire, the expensive companies will have better staff to build up demand and attract customers, which means that there will be more capital that you can withdraw for own gain. You have to assign more staff to each company to make it grow, some staff attracts customers more than others, be sure to test the different kinds of staff and notice if the company attracts more customers. There are several different company types that you can create and there are different kind of staff for these, the more expensive the company type is - the better staff you can get.

Each day when the companies receive the daily income, you can use these credits for advertisements or new staff, to grow you need staff but if your share value is low you need to advertise, when you advertise for your company there will be a good change that the demand will rise and you will have to choose if the advertisement will give enough profits for your shares, experiment with different kinds of advertisement and see what will give the best outcome. Be sure to have enough credits in each company on payday (you can see the payday date in the "show companies" page, the main page when you click on the logo in the top left corner) if you do not have enough credits staff will get fired till there is enough capital to pay all staff, if there is not enough capital for any staff the company and shares will be sold.

Companies has level and experience which is explained in "Hiring staff for your company".

Hiring staff for your company:

When you hire new staff notice their intelligence level, if this level is below 100 the staff member will not generate enough credits to pay his own salary, you have to train your staff to make them be more productive - more intelligence. So be sure not to hire a lot of low intelligent staff members, they will only drag the company down. Make sure to have capital in your company, hiring staff will be taken from company capital. You will receive daily income messages for your companies, how much capital your staff have brought in and to make them grow the most you have to choose the right kind of staff - experiment with different staff that will give you more customers, more customers gives more demand.

When you start to hire staff, a list of all staff will be displayed, here you can see the staff type, salary, intelligence and if the staff is under training. Notice their intelligence level, if this level is below 100 the staff member will not generate enough credits to pay his own salary, you have to train your staff to make them be more productive - more intelligence. So be sure not to hire a lot of low intelligent staff members, they will only drag the company down. Make sure to have capital in your company, hiring staff will be taken from company capital.

The training will say "yes" or "no" and if they are not in training a icon will be shown () by pressing that icon you can enter how much credits you want to use on training, you will have to try out different spending, so your training manager can make extra experience, and how much credits to use to get the maximum experience, maximum $1.000.000 credits! click the icon to train the staff, this will start the training for the staff and will last for 7 hours.

Staff under training will not be able to gain daily income, or gain business park points, so the best idea would be to do this at least 7 hours before the daily income.

Last thing about staff, your company has limits on staff amount and this refers to company level. So to get more staff, you need to upgrade your companies by gaining more company experience. Your company gains experience from hiring / training staff and buying ads, the different staff types will generate more or less experience and so will training and buying ads. Once your company experience is high enough it will level up at next daily income.

Hiring board members for your company:

Board members are used for special effects for companies, you can choose between different board member professions and these professions can generate demand for companies or help them in some way. A profession can be selected once, so be careful of what you choose.

There are 3 different types of professions that board members can choose from, they are "Training manager", "Media manager" and "Staff manager". You have to select one of these professions to enable the board member features, you do this by selecting "board member" under the top menu "profile". Once you select your profession you are made available for invites to other companies and you can apply for other companies too. To make your self unavailable in board member lists, click the "board member" link in the top menu "profile" and click "make me unavailable" - if you do this, you will not be able to apply or be invited to other companies.

As a board member you have 3 different skills, they are "Manual labor", "Intelligence" and "Endurance" - these skills makes up a total score for you, profession score. The board member skills increases and decreases for how active, creative and skilled you are, when you buy shares and they give a profit your intelligence will increase is just one of the modifications. The more profession score they have the more they can help your company.

The profession types will help the companies in some ways, "Training manager" will get you cheaper and better training for staff, "Media manager" gives more effective and better advertisements, "Staff manager" gives better customer attraction and better company income. Choose carefully who you hire as board members and be sure to have players with good profession score - players with a lot of companies and well placed in the highscore list will help the company more.

The company has to be at least level 3 to invite players as board members, click the "View board members" icon () to the left of the company name on your company list page to view company board member features. This page will show you all available board members in the game, here you can invite other players to your company. Click the "Plus" icon () to invite the player, now it will prompt you for their daily salary. Enter the daily salary for this player and click OK, there is a daily limit of minimum $10.000 credits. A message will be sent to the player with a invite which they have to read and accept. If they accept the invitation the player will now receive credits each day after the next daily company income.

You can also apply for other companies and you can do this by viewing a company profile, there below the "General information" on the company profile page will be a board member section and a link to apply as a board member, remember that you have to be available as a board member to do this (enable in "board member" section in "profile" top menu) and the company has to be at least level 3.

Attacking and defending:

There are 2 different staff types for attacking and defending, thugs and guards. Thugs are used for attacking, so guards are there for defending. You select the company you want to attack, make sure it's level 5 or higher and a icon () will appear next to the company name. Choose one of your companies to attack from, it has to be at least level 3 to buy thugs and guards. You can buy thugs and guards by clicking the staff icon on a company. The company that you will attack needs to be at least level 5, that gives you 2 levels to build up your army. You need a company level 5 or higher to be able to attack others.

This game is won by getting your business park up to level 50, the main reason for attacks is so you can take away business park points and staff intelligence, this will prolong building the business park for the defending player. There are several things can happen in a attack, if the attack is powerful enough, the thugs can take over the company for a certain number of hours. If the thugs closed the company over the daily income at 00:00, all daily income will be taken by the thugs. If the company is a part of a business park, all new product points are removed. The thugs can steal from the company capital too, if they are overpowering they have a good chance. There are other hidden features too!

While attacking a company, the defending company can hire guards, this will significantly help defending the company, but the normal staff types will fight too. Thugs and guards can die in attacks, but the normal staff will remain in the company after the attack, although they will either gain or loose intelligence according to the outcome of the fight.

You can only attack a player 3 times a day! This counter will reset at the daily income.

Voting for a company:

To have more features to gain demand and supply for the different companies we have the voting system, when you view a company profile, there are icons for thumbs up or thumbs down - voting yes or no for the company. If you vote yes the company will have a good chance to generate demand which makes the share value go up, if you vote no the company share value will have a good change to go down, voting for a company will give you $100 each time no matter what you vote. So you can use this for hope that your bought shares will rise, and if you have some friends to help the shares go up?

Buying and selling shares:

Buying and selling shares can be hard to profit from, and you have to learn how to see when the companies will go up and when companies are using advertisement, study the share value and history. You start up by selecting a company that you think will grow, click on the company name and you will see the share history, company information and financial descriptions.

In the company profile top status bar you will see 4 buttons, vote yes, vote no, add to favorites and a big icon with a plus in it - click on this and it will pop-up with a new window, here you can enter how much credits or how many shares you want to buy, enter the values you want and click "buy", now you bought some shares, easy. Now that you have bought some shares the demand will go up for this company, and again if you have some friends to help out...

When you select the company read the company description - does it sound or look professional? Will the owner be able to hold the share value up with advertisement? Or wont they care and make the company go chapter 11 (bankruptcy). You have to choose carefully if it's big money you are betting with and it's always good not to set all your credits on one share - but many different, this is to be on the safe side, it might not be enough to win the game.

The time passes and you want to sell your shares again, in the menu "profile" we have "view shares" click this and it will show you a list of all your shares that you bought. The list is divided up in 5 fields, name, share count, value, share value and turnout. The share count means how many shares you bought in the company. Value is how many shares you bought multiplied with the current company share value, so it's how much your shares are valued. Share value is the company share value, how much 1 share is worth, and the last turnout shows you how much you gained or lost since you bought the shares. After the result there is a small dollar icon, here you sell all the shares in that company, when you press this you will have to confirm by clicking OK. Shares sold.

When you play this game a lot you will start to notice the share value history will have some signs if there's a lot of players buying the shares or when the owner puts up advertisement. This is the time to buy shares, but do remember you can't sell the shares within 4 hours, there will be deducted $1 credit of the share value in that time span, so be sure to have a plan for the 4 hours.


When you buy shares, your stress level will go up a few percent, if you get over 80% stress, you will be stressed out and you have to wait around 30 mins to play again, so be careful when buying lots of shares. Stress was introduced instead of captchas, images with numbers or letters that you have to write, to confirm that you are human. To remove any auto clickers out there...

Chat features!

In the chat window you can write these quick links for linking to the different companies in the chat:

[vy1] will write a link to vote yes for company 1
[vn1] will write a link to vote no for company 1
[c1] will write a link to company 1
[p1] will write a link to player 1
[t1] will write a link to team 1
[b1] will write a link to business park 1
[cvy1] will write a link to vote yes for congress law 1
[cvn1] will write a link to vote no for congress law 1

Creating a business park:

Business parks has one main goal - to reach level 50, this is done by generating product points through the companies that joined your business park.

To create a business park, one of your companies has to be at least level 15, once your company reaches this level a icon () will show on your company expenses page, in front of the company name. Click this icon and you will come to the business park page. here you can enter the name of your business park and submit. This will cost $100.000.000 to setup.

The business park is build up to hold 9 spaces for companies, The amount of available extra spaces for companies goes along with the business park level. That means at business park level 1, you can only have 1 company. To reach the next level, and therefore be able to use one extra company, you have to generate enough product points through your companies!

There are few rules to follow to start inviting companies to your business park:
Once you have a company of yours in mind, to join your business park:

1) Invite 3 board members to this company, one of each, staff, media and training manager board member.
2) The company that will be invited, has to have at least 20 staff members to join.
3) The company has to be at least level 5 to join.

A business park costs $100.000.000 to setup and they are withdrawn directly from your account, once you own the business park you will be able to hire new staff types to your business park companies, these types are "Product point manager", "Building manager" and "Business park manager". The first two new staff types are required to further upgrade to your business park, and will only be available once you own the business park.

After buying the business park, the next step is to start generating product points:
1) Hire a "Product point manager" in your business park companies, this will produce product points available for the business park at the daily income run.
2) Hire a "Building manager" for upgrading the business park, to enable the extra spaces for companies (so to reach greater level than 1 you need this staff).
3) Hire a "Business park manager" to give a boost to the generation of product points, this type of staff is available at business park level 3 (optional).

All these new staff types will not generate any income!

Once your companies has generated enough product points to your business park, a link will appear to upgrade the business park (on the business park main page), and now you can invite a new company into your business park.

Members of congress:

Congress is made for the top business players, a way to gain extra credits. There are a total of 7 seats in congress, President, 2 Vice Presidents, 4 Senators and 8 Delegates. These types of congress seats have certain extra bonuses that they can get and use.

To get a seat in Congress, you have to be voted in and you do this by buying voting tickets, these costs $10.000 credits for each vote (available from the "Congress" "Buy tickets" top menu). There are a total of 4 spots in every congress seat for players to sign up, once you signed up for a seat you will be able to vote for yourself and others too. You can not signup for a seat untill election starts.

The voting goes on for 24 hours and the player with the highest amount of votes - wins the seat. When you have a seat in congress, nobody can take this away from you for 1 week (7 days), when 7 days passed, your seat in congress is up for takeover. And just as with normal voting, any player can now sign up for your seat, but you will automatically have 1 of the 4 spots available. A new 24 hour voting period will start, and again, who ever has the most votes - will win.

Extra bonuses:
1) Daily salary: a certain amount of credits are dealt out every daily income.
2) Team bonus: a certain amount of extra income to all companies that your team has.

President gains:
Daily salary: $5.000.000
Team bonus: 50% daily extra income
Signup cost: 20 million
Congress Law votes: 10

Vice President gains:
Daily salary: $3.000.000
Team bonus: 35% daily extra income
Signup cost: 10 million
Congress Law votes: 4

Senator gains:
Daily salary: $1.000.000
Team bonus: 15% daily extra income
Signup cost: 5 million
Congress Law votes: 2

Delegate gains:
Daily salary: $300.000
Team bonus: 5% daily extra income
Signup cost: 1 million
Congress Law votes: 1

Congress Laws:

Every member of Congress can create bills that will either give or take away something from companies, players, teams, business parks and individual company types. There will be a vote on every bill, and if more congress members votes yes than no, that bill will be signed into Congress law.

First you have to get a seat in the congress, you can not create or vote on bills without a seat. If you have a seat in congress you can create a bill by clicking "view congress laws" in the top menu called "congress". Here you can see a list of bills that needs votes and bills that are already signed into law.

There are 3 different bill types, grants, restriction and decontrol. All of them can give or limit with shares, guards, staff boosts or credits. Grants will give one of these each day, restrictions will either limit or cost, and last decontrol is the opposite of restriction, it will give back control that was taken away in restriction. There can only be 3 laws of each type signed in.

The laws that the congress creates might be effecting your companies income, or the staff within the company, the three law types looks like this:

All Delegates have 1 vote, Senators have 2 votes, Vice Presidents have 4 votes and the President has 10 votes.

Grants bill:
§1 All Players will get 5 staff boosts each day.

Restriction bill:
§1 All Companies have a maximum of 50.000.000 shares.
§2 All Companies have a maximum of 500 guards.
§3 All Players have a maximum of credits.
§4 All Players have a maximum of 100 staff boosts.

Decontrol bill:
§1 All IT Companies have unlimited shares.

The different paragraphs or sections under the bill might differ, this will depend on what the Congress members decides and votes on.

Winning the game:

The biggest question, how do you win this game - who finishes the business park first??

The game will freeze when the first business park has reached level 50, no one will be able to sell or buy shares or create companies, it stops and if there are any players that donated real money then the top 3 players will get all the money! The money will get divided in 1st place 60%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 10%. The first 3 places are being selected from the business park highscore list, 1st place is the player - who gets the business park to level 50 first, 2nd and 3rd place will goto who ever is 2nd and 3rd on the business park highscore list.

IF the donation is lower than 50 EUR only the TOP player - 1st place will get all the money donated! (This will NOT include any admin, friends or relatives, the winners will be someone unknown to us! and we will pay with out most pleasure :D)