help changelog

2014-02-03:Added: display of thug power when attacking.
2014-01-30:Added: ability to resign from congress.
2014-01-26:Added: multiplier on adding staff boost, use more staff boosts at one time to get more intelligence.
2014-01-14:Added: ability to add multiple staff boosts.
2013-09-05:Added: ability for speed rounds.
2013-03-10:Added: gravatar profile icons.
2012-10-30:Added: penalty warning for quiting team.
2012-10-26:Added: congress president, vps and senators gets more votes in Congress Law.
 Added: congress maximum laws.
2012-09-01:Added: congress law.
2012-08-03:Added: technology and skills for creating companies.
 Added: 8 extra player awards for completing technology levels.
 Changed: descriptions when creating companies.
2011-07-19:Optimized: rutines for closing companies down.
2011-07-07:Added: 3 days penalty for quiting team.
2011-06-28:Changed: server time to Australia/Brisbane.
 Changed: attack limit set to 3 per player.
2011-05-17:Changed: server time to America/New york.
 Changed: attack limit set to 1 per player.
 Changed: raised business park points needed.
2011-01-31:Fixed: chat bug which added multiple texts.
 Optimized: icon images.
2011-01-24:Added: player notepad.
 Added: team credits donated shown on team page.
2011-01-05:Changed: max attacks on companies.
2010-12-17:Added: team upgrading and leveling.
 Added: fast vote, player, team links to chat.
2010-10-30:Added: beta version of chat.
 Added: enable / disabled chat in profile settings.
2010-09-03:Optimized: fewer clicks and faster gameplay.
2010-08-22:Added: new medal and awards system.
 Changed: highscores.
2010-08-09:Added: new congress feature.
 Added: previous and next buttons to forum categories.
2010-07-27:Changed: company leveling, now takes time to upgrade.
 Added: stress level.
2010-06-30:Fixed: attacking when company is closed.
 Changed: staff training increased.
2010-06-17:Optimized: attacking rutines.
2010-06-14:Added: team forum.
 Changed: company voting limit set down from 4 to 2 hours.
2010-06-10:Changed: team settings, invite and applications.
 Changed: all javascript converted to jquery.
 Optimized: selling shares before minimum time allowed.
2010-06-08:Added: attacking and defending.
 Added: sell all shares button.
 Added: quick search.
 Added: staff intelligence boosts.
 Updated: recieved message settings.
 Updated: company loans.
 Fixed: highscore list.
 Optimized: database locking.
2010-05-20:Added: removal of companies in business park.
2010-05-19:Added: top 10 business highscore list.
2010-04-18:Added: feature to upgrade business park faster.
2009-07-28:Added: newsletter.
2009-07-26:Fixed: staff income.
 Added: extra graphics.
2009-07-22:Added: business park features.
 Updated: company staff training.
 Updated: beginner tutorial.
 Added: 60 second beginner guide.
2009-07-20:Optimized: javascript and css size and load times.
2009-07-07:Added: company list in user profile.
 Added: user favorites.
2009-06-08:Added: board member settings page.
 Added: board member invites and applications.
 Added: modifiers for profession and board member skills.
 Optimized: database locking.
2009-05-06:Added: buy multiple staff member.
 Added: company levels and experience.
 Added: experience for hiring and training staff and company ads.
 Fixed: company customer attraction.
2009-05-05:Added: quit user team.
 Added: remove favorite company.
2009-03-06:Added: company auction.
 Updated: beginner tutorial.
 Fixed: decimals in javascript.
 Added: new screenshots.
2009-03-03:Added: bank and personal loans.
2009-02-27:Fixed: calibration of total shares vs. shares available.
2009-02-26:Added: team highscore.
2009-02-24:Added: forum.
2009-02-21:Added: staff training.
 Optimized: share supply and demand.
 Fixed: staff salary.
2009-02-16:Added: banner exchanges and link referals.
 Added: Google AdSense.
2009-02-15:Added: user teams.
2009-02-11:Added: game rules and terms of service.
 Added: view sent messages.
2009-02-10:Added: beginner tutorial.
2009-02-07:Added: bottom ticker.
 Added: SEO for search engines.
2009-02-06:First beta release.